Different Kinds of Flea Hosts

Fleas are the six-legged parasites which cause various discomforts in the human body and the pet’s body. They need intensive care in treating them. Knowing about the details of the fleas will be an additional factor in dealing them. Following passages will define the different types of insects and their hosts.

  1. Human Fleas

They are known as pulex irritants. The social insects have an existence cycle like dog fleas and feline fleas. The Pulex Irritans is found on the host’s body. The human flea bites is the most important species in ranch territories. While the nibbles of the feline insect have a tendency to be focused on the lower parts of the legs, those of the human bug might be conveyed over the body.

  1. Rat Fleas

There are two different types of rat fleas prevails such as northern rat flea and oriental rat flea. They are also known as Xenopsylla cheopis and Nosopsyllus fasciatus. They are essential vectors of chronic infections, for example, the bubonic plague. The contaminated rodent bugs hunt for different sources of nourishment when host rats are infected with rat fleas. People and pets in the region of tainted rats or dead mice will probably get chomped by contaminated rodent bugs. After the rat flea bites, you will find the painful swelling in the lymph glands and it is one of the initial stages of infection.

  1. Hen Fleas

They are also known as the sticktight insects or the Echidnophaga gallinacean. They survive on felines, dogs, rodents, rabbits and humans. It is a little tunneling bug, at around 2mm long. The grown-ups are available on the surface of the host, where they nourish. The bugs connect themselves to the exposed parts of the creature’s body, for example, ranges around the eyes, rear-end, etc.

  1. Chigoe Fleas

They are various names prevails for a chigoe flea such as female sand fleas, beach fleas, jiggers and tunga penetrans. These parasites will multiply the tungiasis disease among the children and cattle.  The attack of the chigoe fleas will result with painful symptoms of itching and irritation. Wearing shoes in invaded areas can protect you from the Chigoe bug attacks in people. In managing the female Chigoe fleas, on the off chance that it dies in the skin, it can bring about numerous genuine auxiliary diseases. So be alert in preventing the chigoe flea bites.

You can extend your safety measures against the invasion of these kinds of fleas which are highly harmful to the human skin and body.

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